Molly S.

I love going to the VKNG Rowing classes! For years I had shoulder and neck pain from tight muscle. No more! Ever since I have been attending rowing class, I am pain free. I have increased the strength in my back muscles thus eliminating the pain. My posture has improved too. Thanks Bradford for offering the first and only rowing studio in Tampa!!

Karen S. 

I run weekly, and rowing has become my new favorite form of cross training. The movement was easy enough to pick up in the first class (although I feel it will take me a few more classes to really master it). Very easy on my joints and I can tailor the workout to fit my fitness level by pulling harder or softer. Thanks for the amazing class. 


I would consider myself a pretty serious athlete, and this workout was challenging! I had a woman sit down next to me, who wasn't in great shape, and thought the class would be easy, but it really killed! I like that each person can row together and still make it fit their own fitness level.